“Love it” and have “passion for it” or you will fail. (Steve Jobs)

I hate “one click riches” I hate “it’s really easy” I hate “I’ll do it for you” But… I still love what I do… and you should to. So many people ask me what is the “secret sauce” Here it is … love what you do so much that you NEVER QUIT, you persevere.. you WIN!! Don’t take my word for it.. watch this one minute video from Steve Jobs. It is one of my most favorite videos of all time because it is true!   Looking for something that…

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21 Movies You Should Watch If You Love Food

Kind of gives the term “chewing scenery” a whole new meaning. 1. Chef (2014)   Aldamisa Entertainment imdb.com Carl (Jon Favreau) is a chef at an upscale restaurant who feels stunted by the repetitive menu insisted upon by his boss. When he loses his temper and consequently his job, he gets back to his cooking roots making Cuban sandwiches in a food truck with his estranged son. Most Delicious Scene: Carl’s seductive and simple pasta with pesto. Where You Can Watch It: Netflix. 2. The Lunchbox (2013)   Sikhya Entertainment…

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