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Here Are 18 Animals Hiding In Plain Sight. Can You Spot Them All? This Is Awesome.

Get ready for your mind to be blown. When you see these photos, you won’t realize you’re actually looking at an animal. But, look very closely. Once you realize what you’re looking at, you’ll do a double take. Warning: it’s completely normal to become filled with rage if you can’t find the hidden animal. Spot the American pika. Spot the blue-crowned parrot. Spot the caiman. Spot the California ground squirrel. Spot the cheetah. Spot the common snipe. Spot the coyote. Spot the giraffe. Spot the great horned owl. Spot the…

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Ok, These 15 Random Facts Sound Crazy, But Are Actually Very True.

The world is a crazy place and, thanks to the Internet, we have access endless information about this crazy place. Is it too much information? I feel like I get my mind blown by something every single day. Here are some facts I learned just from today that you probably never thought about before. 1.) In Uganda there is a tribe called Buganda and their language is Luganda. flickr 2.) If you keep walking east you will always be walking east. But if you keep walking north, eventually you will…

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A Reporter Asked These Astronauts A Question. Their Response Was Simple But Said It All.

An American, a German, and a Russian walk into a press conference…no, this is not the start to some lame joke, but the start to a story of a truly magical moment between three astronauts. NASA’s Reid Wiseman, ESA’s Alexander Gerst, and commander Maksim Suraev of Russia’s Roscosmos are all crew members of the International Space Station, and during a recent press conference they were asked by a reporter whether US-EU-Russia tensions over Ukraine had altered or influenced their relations. Here is their emphatic answer. Their message was clear: There’s no…

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