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Looking for that special cocktail to increase revenues, and explode a fan base? Myownmeeting is a web conferencing platform that will spin your business to a whole other level. This easy to use system will create instant engagement from anywhere in the world. Widen and tap into world markets all in real time! Share your desktop, push Powerpoint and Live stream video to your attendees. A fantastic solution for you as a leader in your industry to leverage your team and train the simple aspects of duplication. Showcase products and sell directly through…

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BBC makes ‘most unfortunate’ typo regarding Facebook’s new acquisition

Facebook bought a MASSAGE Parlor?!/nickbilton/status/436275799109300224 How many billions for a “massaging service”?!/lamesy/status/436271738771750912!/underwood_jack/status/436281764332728320 Needless to say, a correction was made.!/CunningQuestion/status/436305458148962304 Read more:

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Here Are 18 Animals Hiding In Plain Sight. Can You Spot Them All? This Is Awesome.

Get ready for your mind to be blown. When you see these photos, you won’t realize you’re actually looking at an animal. But, look very closely. Once you realize what you’re looking at, you’ll do a double take. Warning: it’s completely normal to become filled with rage if you can’t find the hidden animal. Spot the American pika. Spot the blue-crowned parrot. Spot the caiman. Spot the California ground squirrel. Spot the cheetah. Spot the common snipe. Spot the coyote. Spot the giraffe. Spot the great horned owl. Spot the…

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Backup or No Backup…. That’s the Question!

We all know that the world is going paperless. What happens when you setup a bank account? The first thing they will ask you is “do you want to go paperless?” Similar things are happening in the data storage arena. In the future, more and more data will be stored in the cloud instead of your external hard drives. People are using digital cameras, smartphones, tablets and such and nobody will want all that data clogging up their devices. So where is it going to be stored? …In the cloud. New and simple…

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