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BBC makes ‘most unfortunate’ typo regarding Facebook’s new acquisition

Facebook bought a MASSAGE Parlor? http://twitter.com/#!/nickbilton/status/436275799109300224 How many billions for a “massaging service”? http://twitter.com/#!/lamesy/status/436271738771750912 http://twitter.com/#!/underwood_jack/status/436281764332728320 Needless to say, a correction was made. http://twitter.com/#!/CunningQuestion/status/436305458148962304 Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/02/19/spellcheck-fail-bbc-makes-most-unfortunate-typo-regarding-facebooks-new-acquisition/

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Working it! What was UPS’ ‘winning’ tweet to comedian Stephen Kruiser?

http://twitter.com/#!/stephenkruiser/status/410572830128881667 Comedian Stephen Kruiser took to Twitter to voice his frustration with Federal Express. http://twitter.com/#!/stephenkruiser/status/410849718663540736 Ex-MTV VJ and author Kurt Loder offered a suggestion: http://twitter.com/#!/kurt_loder/status/410573447836610560 Heh. http://twitter.com/#!/DK745/status/410573036505403392 Zing! Federal Express did not reply via its Twitter account. But look who did: http://twitter.com/#!/UPSHelp/status/410578177333788672 Way to work it, UPS! That’s how it’s done. The copying of @FedEx on the reply was an especially nice touch. http://twitter.com/#!/stephenkruiser/status/410596678907883520 Indeed. UPS delivers on the social media end for sure. My personal note on that:  Question: Did you know that Fedex and UPS are going to…

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