How to Grow Your Business Fast

If your business is not listed on the first page of Google, you are loosing 90% of the possible business you could be getting. 53% of all traffic on the Internet is mobile, making it really important that you optimize your content for mobile users.

Google is still the biggest source of targeted traffic EVER… it’s the best place to get high converting buyer traffic, and is the busiest site in the world.

But what is Google really looking for?

Some say it’s links, or domain authority, but is it really?

Below I’ve listed a few of the newer ‘advanced’ Google signals that few people are paying attention too…

Let’s face it… most SEOs still talk about links, PBNs and domain authority like it’s 2014. But I like to look to the future… not the past.

Ranking Signals

Some newer known signals Google is looking at include:

  • Phone calls to a business
  • Traffic to a website
  • Time on site & bounce rate
  • People walking in to visit a business (local only)
  • Legit business signals like privacy policy, SSL, business address, recognized authors etc.
  • Social media following
  • Mobile responsive & site speed
  • Website/Brand name references on other sites, and mainstream media mentions
  • Search volume for website/brand name

The Biggest Ranking Signals

And what is the connection between all of those signals? What is Google really measuring?

It’s really popularity… and popularity is another word for awareness… and awareness is all about Brands.

So it’s no wonder when you take a competitive keyword like cell phones, that all you see in the top 10 of Google is major brands.

The bigger the brand generally the more ranking power it has.

And let’s face it… can YOU build a massive brand and compete with billion-dollar companies?

Probably not…

But there is an answer… Go HERE to see how you can get on Page #1 within 2 weeks