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Here Are 18 Animals Hiding In Plain Sight. Can You Spot Them All? This Is Awesome.

Get ready for your mind to be blown. When you see these photos, you won’t realize you’re actually looking at an animal. But, look very closely. Once you realize what you’re looking at, you’ll do a double take.

Warning: it’s completely normal to become filled with rage if you can’t find the hidden animal.

Spot the American pika.

Spot the blue-crowned parrot.

Spot the caiman.

Spot the California ground squirrel.

Spot the cheetah.

Spot the common snipe.

Spot the coyote.

Spot the giraffe.

Spot the great horned owl.

Spot the falcon.

Spot the horned adder.

Spot the impala.

Spot the leopard.

Spot the hawk.

Spot the spotted deer.

Spot the wandering tattler.

Spot the willow ptarmigan.

Spot the wolf.

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Have some fun and play some more here

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Someone Finally Took Great High-Res Photos Of Hummingbirds. Turns Out They’re Adorable.

Hummingbirds are awesome. They’ve also been scientifically proven to be the cutest birds in the animal kingdom. If you’ve never seen one up close, don’t worry you’re not alone. These birds can flap their wings up to 50 times a second, and they’re really tiny. Well Scottish photographer Chris Morgan is here to help. Earlier this year Morgan visited Bosque De Paz, a privately-owned 3,000 acre biological reserve in Costa Rica. There he was able to get up close with some hummingbirds and snap some seriously amazing shots. Check them out.

So amazing! Here are some other beautiful hummingbird pictures from around the web.


Penny for scale. So tiny!

A hummingbird drinking from a human’s mouth. Epic.

Just taking a rest. Nothing to see here folks.

Mid flight.

The hummingbird gif to end all gifs. Look at that tongue.

Another hummingbird gif, but not as cool.

Getting a snack.

Nature at its finest.

(H/T: Colossal) I think I need a hummingbird feeder. Make sure to share this article by clicking below.

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