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9 Flower Varieties Illustrated For Beginners

An illustrated guide just in time for Valentine’s Day. 1. As a flower novice, I wanted to gain some confidence when buying flowers. So after a bit of research, I drew these nine awesome flowers along with a visually similar item that helps me remember each. 2. Dahlias View this image › Nathan W. Pyle / Via If you want a flower that vaguely resembles Epcot Center, go with dahlias. The spherical, symmetrical pattern of petals will thrill the recipient, much like a ride on Spaceship Earth. 3. Magnolias…

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21 Movies You Should Watch If You Love Food

Kind of gives the term “chewing scenery” a whole new meaning. 1. Chef (2014)   Aldamisa Entertainment Carl (Jon Favreau) is a chef at an upscale restaurant who feels stunted by the repetitive menu insisted upon by his boss. When he loses his temper and consequently his job, he gets back to his cooking roots making Cuban sandwiches in a food truck with his estranged son. Most Delicious Scene: Carl’s seductive and simple pasta with pesto. Where You Can Watch It: Netflix. 2. The Lunchbox (2013)   Sikhya Entertainment…

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These 43 Photos From The Past Won’t Be In History Books. They’re THAT Messed Up.

There have been countless events and incidents throughout history that seem just too strange to be true. Today, the historical medical cures and contraceptives that people used seem like they were the brain child of a mad scientist and not a legitimate solution. (At least people were creative.) Not only was medicine less developed, but the laws and socially acceptable behaviors were much different as well. You’ll be shocked to see some of the things that people did and used throughout history. The strange photos below are a perfect example of…

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How Likeable Are You?

1.     Tell no one, obviously.       You have to tell your BFF, and maybe if you get bored at work you could text your BFF No. 2.       Depends on who told you the gossip, but probably tell your BFF.       Tell no one, but it’s really hard.   2.     Offer a seat immediately.       Offer her your seat if no one else does. Better safe than sorry.       Bah, she’ll be OK. Stay sitting.  …

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7 Vehicles And Their Namesakes

1. Abraham Lincoln’s Lincoln View this image › 2. Queen Victoria’s Crown Victoria View this image › 3. Adam Carolla’s Corolla View this image › 4. The Lone Ranger’s Ranger View this image › 5. Homer’s Odyssey View this image › 6. Alice Cooper’s Mini Cooper View this image › 7. Pontiac’s Pontiac  Your CAR View this image › All photos courtesy of (H/T Read more:

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