The Coyotes Are Celebrating Walpurgis Night

We live over a canyon and on warm nights like tonight, we can hear the coyotes sing. It was so loud, it actually woke me up. These “barking dogs” as they are also called seem to be celebrating Walpurgis Night. It sounded a lot like a high pitched greeting which included low-frequency whines, ‘wow-oo-wows’, and group yip howls. It was a party all right, the night to say “good bye” to Winter and celebrate the arrival of Spring. When I grew up in the 60’s in Northern Germany near the…

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9 Flower Varieties Illustrated For Beginners

An illustrated guide just in time for Valentine’s Day. 1. As a flower novice, I wanted to gain some confidence when buying flowers. So after a bit of research, I drew these nine awesome flowers along with a visually similar item that helps me remember each. 2. Dahlias View this image › Nathan W. Pyle / Via If you want a flower that vaguely resembles Epcot Center, go with dahlias. The spherical, symmetrical pattern of petals will thrill the recipient, much like a ride on Spaceship Earth. 3. Magnolias…

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