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What is Local SEO?

Can people find your business online?

This will help…

FACT: Google accounts for over 81% of all online searches
FACT: They get over 57,000 searches per second
FACT: As few as 20% of those 57,000 searches click to page 2
FACT: If you’re not on page 1, you’re missing out on 45,600 potential buyers per second
Here is something that might help you.

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12 Reasons Why Every Business Needs To Track Their Clicks

Why this is important to know…

If you’re serious about your online business – or optimizing your online sales process for an off-line business – you need to measure the clicks and that are coming into all of your web properties.

Without instant access to this critical information you can guarantee that you are losing business – and easily thousands of dollars each year (if not more) – to your direct competitors, all because you’re not paying attention to the information readily available to you.

With tools like, not only will you have access to all of the inside information that your clicks provide – geo-targeting information, time spent on the website, how much each and every individual click cost you and how much you are making as a result of that investment, and so much more – but you’ll also have advanced reporting that you can deploy to all assets in your business to optimize your marketing moving forward.

No, the smart and savvy online entrepreneur not only understands the critical importance of tracking clicks – but also invests in the tools that make the system full proof, instant, and effortless along the way.

If you’re still not absolutely, positively, 100% sure that click tracking is for you, here are just 12 of the reasons you want to invest in a tool like just as soon as humanly possible.

  • Understand exactly where your customers are coming from geographically to set up campaigns targeted towards their demographic
  • Find out which percentage of your users are browsing your web properties on a mobile device, and determine whether or not a mobile ready version of your websites should be created
  • Cloak your affiliate links so that other online businesses aren’t “poaching” your affiliate commissions
  • Determine which of your marketing campaigns are making money, which campaigns are losing money, and what you can do to optimize each of them
  • Discover who your most profitable customers (or traffic sources) are, and focus the majority of your resources there
  • Eliminate wasteful spending by abandoning clicks that are coming from sources that do not spend money on your products or services
  • Produce instant and advanced custom reports that can help to optimize other areas of your business
  • Engage new users in your business, marketing, and communications by finding which social media outlets are most responsive to your current communications
  • Understand where you are wasting marketing money, where you are under spending marketing money, and how to eliminate any extra waste entirely
  • Reward traffic sources, employees, or affiliates and joint venture partners that are pushing valuable content to your sales and marketing funnels
  • Test brand-new marketing and advertising strategies without breaking the bank before making major investments in those avenues
  • Split test any marketing campaign or idea you have and gain instant and advanced analytics and reporting at the moment that you “go live”

As you can see, a tool like completely changes the game when it comes to online businesses or online promotions. Widely recommended as one of the most potent Internet marketing tools available, get your hands on your copy of just as soon as possible.

No wonder you are losing customers!

Constant Contact says:
“50% of Small Businesses have seen listings for their business online that are inaccurate”

Mistakes and inconsistencies make it so that search engines distrust the legitimacy of your business and lower your ranking in search results. And people are even less inclined than search engines to try to figure out what conflicting information they found online about your business is even correct.

For you to be indexed as a local business listing there are four criteria that search engines require:

* A Business Name – or DBA
* A Local Phone Number – no toll-free or call tracking numbers
* A Physical Street Address – no P.O. Boxes or shared addresses
* A Face to Face Business – no virtual businesses

Business directories and review sites, as well as hundreds of other websites, let you create a business listing for free but why would you do this one by one? AUTOMATE! AUTOMATE! AUTOMATE!

Yes, there are extremely cost-effective ways to automate the management of your business listings. You can get complete digital presence control with Repdrone’s online reputation and review management features. Most everything is automated and you can get NEW clients faster than you thought possible.

If your business qualifies, we will let you try our service completely FREE of Charge!

See your client base grow quickly, and thank us later!


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Why Are You Trying To Reinvent The Wheel?

There is a killer WordPress theme called Covert Store Builder available

It’s developed by the IM Wealth Builders and if you have seen their previous Covert Social Press, Covert Pin Press and Covert Video Press themes… You know that this one is going to be amazing too!

They have just released a full video demo of the theme so you can see exactly what it does.

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When you join the early bird list today you will also receive free access to these two bonuses.

* 100 profit pulling Amazon niche with full keyword and niche research done for you.

* The Easy Affiliate Store Profits report, with 5 power tips on how to dominate Amazon and rake in massive commissions checks.

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REAL growth hacks

Today I’m excited to share little-known (and crazy effective) growth hacks that will help you grow your business.

Hacks that will help you:

– Increase sales by 220%
– Drastically improve your visitor’s experience on your website (helloooo SEO)
– Save you massive amounts of time
– Achieve conversion rates of 70% or more.

These are real hacks backed with tons of research from — no B.S.

Click here to read the 12 essential growth hacks (even if you’re not a growth hacker or don’t know anything about marketing).


P.S. These are the types of hacks you’re going to want to implement immediately because they’re so effective. Check them out:

12 Essential Growth Hacking Ideas For Non-Growth Hackers

Money Mayhem + The Psychology Of Making That First Sale…

Getting your first sale fast is the most critical thing you could do when first starting an online business.

The amount of time which elapses between making a decision to start an online business, and seeing real money show up in your bank account from that business, gives a good indication of whether someone will persist or quit.

Only the most stubborn people have the ability to continue working away at this and seeing nothing in return for 6+ months.  Luckily for me, I was one of those people – because it actually took me 9 months to get my first sale.

My problem was I thought I needed to know everything before I ever executed.

So I spent many, many months studying courses in learning mode.

Learning does not = money.  Only applied learning will put dollars in your bank account.

During this difficult time, I tried to stay optimistic by telling myself, “I’ve just got to keep on going. I’ve got to persist.”

The more time I put into it, the more determined I became to make it work.

Not everyone is like this though.  For many, the more time that goes by without seeing results, the less determined they become.  After a few months when there’s no evidence it works, they start to lose faith.

Once they start to lose faith and become negative about their business, their negative attitude starts branching out like a ripple effect to the rest of their business. It contaminates their emails, videos, social media, etc (or stops them from even trying those marketing channels).

So if you are brand new here, priority number one is to ask the question, “How do I get a customer in the shortest amount of time possible?”

Really think through the answer.

Maybe you know someone who’s really curious about what you’re doing – they’re fascinated with the idea of internet marketing.  But you’re holding off telling them about your business because first you want to get some sales so you can have ‘proof’ that it works.

Well, that’s a mistake.  That’s taking the long way.  The shortest path would be to just show them what you’re doing, and if they want to buy from you then (which they very well might since they know you), you’ll have made your first sale.

Your first sale will give you the most amazing feeling in the world!

It’s like a magical moment. When I got my first sale (a $1,000 commission), it suddenly breathed life right back into me.

I got my second sale about five weeks later, and things started happening a lot faster from that point on.

It’s never too late to turn it all around either…

If you’ve been attempting to build your business for what feels like a very long time, but still not seeing results, you really need to focus back on that first question.

“What is the one thing you could do today, or the series of things that you could do today that would actually bring in a customer?

Take a few minutes to watch this video HERE.

Matt explains all the above in a bit more detail.  Super important you get this concept though and get out of ‘learning acquisition mode’ or other forms of procrastination.