Money Mayhem + The Psychology Of Making That First Sale…

Getting your first sale fast is the most critical thing you could do when first starting an online business.

The amount of time which elapses between making a decision to start an online business, and seeing real money show up in your bank account from that business, gives a good indication of whether someone will persist or quit.

Only the most stubborn people have the ability to continue working away at this and seeing nothing in return for 6+ months.  Luckily for me, I was one of those people – because it actually took me 9 months to get my first sale.

My problem was I thought I needed to know everything before I ever executed.

So I spent many, many months studying courses in learning mode.

Learning does not = money.  Only applied learning will put dollars in your bank account.

During this difficult time, I tried to stay optimistic by telling myself, “I’ve just got to keep on going. I’ve got to persist.”

The more time I put into it, the more determined I became to make it work.

Not everyone is like this though.  For many, the more time that goes by without seeing results, the less determined they become.  After a few months when there’s no evidence it works, they start to lose faith.

Once they start to lose faith and become negative about their business, their negative attitude starts branching out like a ripple effect to the rest of their business. It contaminates their emails, videos, social media, etc (or stops them from even trying those marketing channels).

So if you are brand new here, priority number one is to ask the question, “How do I get a customer in the shortest amount of time possible?”

Really think through the answer.

Maybe you know someone who’s really curious about what you’re doing – they’re fascinated with the idea of internet marketing.  But you’re holding off telling them about your business because first you want to get some sales so you can have ‘proof’ that it works.

Well, that’s a mistake.  That’s taking the long way.  The shortest path would be to just show them what you’re doing, and if they want to buy from you then (which they very well might since they know you), you’ll have made your first sale.

Your first sale will give you the most amazing feeling in the world!

It’s like a magical moment. When I got my first sale (a $1,000 commission), it suddenly breathed life right back into me.

I got my second sale about five weeks later, and things started happening a lot faster from that point on.

It’s never too late to turn it all around either…

If you’ve been attempting to build your business for what feels like a very long time, but still not seeing results, you really need to focus back on that first question.

“What is the one thing you could do today, or the series of things that you could do today that would actually bring in a customer?

Take a few minutes to watch this video HERE.

Matt explains all the above in a bit more detail.  Super important you get this concept though and get out of ‘learning acquisition mode’ or other forms of procrastination.

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How to avoid getting stuck in ‘Analysis Paralysis’

Here’s some of the best advice …

The biggest mistake you can make as a new Affiliate Marketer is to get stuck in the learning acquisition mode.

But unfortunately, ‘Analysis Paralysis’ happens to most people who start with Affiliate Marketing.

According to, ‘Analysis Paralysis’ occurs when an individual becomes so lost in the process of examining and evaluating various points of data that he or she is unable to make a decision with it.

If I had to make a bet, I would guess that 90% of you right now are making the same mistake right now…

You think that in order to start earning more, you need to go and start learning more.

In fact, a large percentage of people in our industry do the wrong things when they first start. Many are educating themselves TOO MUCH.

Don’t get me wrong – I value education— and I promote a lot of education products.

But too much learning is what causes “Analysis Paralysis.”

If you’re always stuck in knowledge acquisition mode, at some point time is just going to pass you by. You’re going to wake up six-months from now and you still haven’t made any money.

That’s when that negative voice starts talking in your head and you start thinking… “am I just wasting my time? Does this internet marketing stuff really work?”

By the way, this is a natural tendency we all have because of the school system.

Most of us are raised from children to think the answer is always to ‘learn more,’ and learn enough so we don’t make mistakes.

But the only way to become successful is to overcome the fear of failure, and start taking massive action.

The best advice I could give you, is to go and start making a lot of mistakes…

The difference between success and failure, is failure. In other words, the people who make the most mistakes are the same ones who become the most successful.

So here’s what you need to go do right now.

First, find a great offer to promote. A simple product (digital or physical product, doesn’t matter), and become an affiliate.

Then, write a 3 line ad. Go find a platform you can place that ad on (eg. Facebook) and buy some clicks.

At the end of the day, it’s all about getting qualified people in front of the offers. That’s it.

It’s time to stop learning (procrastinating), and its time to start doing.

Do the things that actually bring in money—promoting your offers.

This is one of the biggest lessons you’ll learn in the new digital download, ‘WiFi Millionaire.’

Wi-Fi Millionaire clearly lays out your options for different home businesses, and gives you actionable tips and tools for getting more done (while having complete control over your schedule).

Before you know it, you’ll be using these productivity tips, filtering out distractions, and making more money in less time. In fact, some of the more experienced students are making thousands in only 30 minutes per day.

Also, you don’t need to be a computer genius or have any special training or skills to do this. All you need is a willingness to implement what you learn.

All This… For Less Than a Cup of Coffee

WiFi Millionaire only costs you $3… less than a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

But the real cost is not doing anything.

To claim your copy of Wi-Fi Millionaire for $3 — CLICK HERE


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Finding people in San Francisco to mastermind with… [VIDEO]

The other day I met a guy in tech who has been living in SF for over one year, but had not met anyone that he could exchange his business ideas with.

I told him that when I first started networking at events, that my friends and family did not ‘get’ why I was so fascinated with this internet marketing stuff, and most of them weren’t exactly what you’d call supportive of it either.

They all thought I was getting conned, and wasting my time.

So for my entire first year, I was on my own just like he was.

But then I attended a local event, which actually had close to 100 people show up.

Most of them were just starting out like me, or, were still trying to figure out how to make it work.

I’m not exactly a great networker, but, I made a point to meet at least 3 people who I could exchange contact details with, and mastermind with after the event.

And it was one of the best things I ever did. One of the people I met was a guy called George, and, for several years after that event we’d call each other every few weeks, tell each other what we were doing in our business’s, what we were struggling with, share courses, and just bounce ideas off one another.

From there, I just continued to meet other people in the industry and live events and build up my rolodex.

I told him that the key was to continue attending live events, in order to make as many personal contacts as possible, and that his ideas for a Startup in Tech sounded quite realistic to me.

You don’t have to do this alone at all – and you shouldn’t.

So how do you find these locals? Exactly like I did. You go to a local event.

There happens to be an event very close to where you LIVE this weekend.

Here is what the event is all about:

Once you’ve got your tickets, make it a goal to meet a minimum of just 3 people there.

I can tell you from experience, that just one good connection can be worth a LOT to your business.

You never know who you’ll meet, and what kind of deals you’ll end up doing with that person down the line.

Gisela Beckermann

P.S. If you want to learn how to grow your business using the Internet, here is a VIDEO that explains some more:

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More than just a Mercedes….choose your dream car

One of the downright coolest things about MTTB is the free Mercedes giveaway.

But did you know that Mercedes are not the only kind of car MTTB gives away?

How about a BMW M3?
Ferrari California?
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Rolls Royce Phantom?


What’s your dream car?

It could be yours with MTTB.

To see all the cars available and meet some of the proud owners of these luxury automobiles, watch the short video here.


Then get “on the road” to earning the car of YOUR dreams here…

Take car(e)…
– Gisela
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How a Sales Funnel Gets You Business

How To Create A Full-Time Online Income In Your Spare Time And Gain Your Freedom From The “Rat Race”

Here is a short Video of a live interview about how to start building your business before you have to create an effective Sales Funnel. To discover how MOBE can help you grow your business,

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The “Riley Rule” for online success

Irony is “a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.”

And my favorite irony story comes from the world of sports.

Pat Riley was the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team back in the 1980s.

The Lakers were very, very successful. Winning their conference almost every year and winning several NBA championships.

And back then, the rule was that the coach of the team that won the conference got to coach his conference’s team in the All-Star game the following year.

But the Lakers were winning their conference so often that Pat Riley ALWAYS seemed to be coaching the All-Star game.

Now, many of us would just say, “Who cares? He earned it. Sport is about competition. If somebody else wants to coach the game, they’re just going to have to beat Pat Riley’s Lakersand take it from him. That’s what sport is all about.”

But the NBA didn’t see it that way and passed a new rule. The new rule stated that a coach could only coach the All-Star team two years in a row. If a coach won the conference 3 years in a row, then on that 3rd year the coach of the SECOND PLACE team would take his place.

It was nicknamed the “Riley Rule”

It should have been called the “Anti-Riley Rule”

Or just plain “stupid.”

But there it is.

So, a few years later, the Chicago Bulls won 3 championships in a row. Their coach Phil Jackson, according to the moroninc “Riley Rule”, could not coach the All-Star game for the third year.

So, the coach of the second place New York Knicks got to coach the All-Star game that year.

Who was the coach of the New York Knicks?

Pat Riley.

So, the very first time the “Anti-Riley Rule” was invoked, it benefited…Pat Riley!

The very definition of irony.

But that’s not the reason I love the story so much. The reason I love it is that the NBA tried to legislate against success. They tried to penalize success.

And it bit them in the butt.

It’s like a company who has a wildly successful sales person. Often they will start cutting his commissions in order to keep more of the money he’s bringing in. “Take more salary and lower commissions…the salary is guaranteed.”

Dumb move. The sales person gets offended and starts looking for a better job and, when he leaves, the company loses ALL of his sales. Not just some.

I don’t believe in penalizing success.

In fact, Mobe pays higher commissions than any online system I’ve ever seen. Up to 90% on some products.

In this system, the higher you advance the GREATER your commissions.
















Penalizing success is the dumbest thing a business can do. We promise NEVER to do that.


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Why is there a $49 charge for MTTB?

A few wannabe entrepreneurs have asked …

“If MTTB is so great and guaranteed to make me commissions in 30 days or less or ten times my money back, why charge anything at all for it?”

“Why isn’t it free? Surely you’ve got enough money that you don’t need that little $49 start up fee!”

Well, that’s half right.

There are some administrative expenses the company needs to cover, of course. There are employees that need to be paid. So the $49 does go to cover some of those expenses.

But, you’re right. Mobe does not need your $49.

But you need to spend it.















That might sound a bit odd, so let me explain.

People do not put a value on things they don’t pay for.

I was talking to an associate of mine the other day and he said “I thought this email guru was pretty lame, until I tried out his $99/month service. Now I think he’s a genius.”

I’m implementing his ideas and they’re working like gangbusters. I don’t know if the info changed all that much, but my approach to it certainly has.”

His approach to the info changed because he PAID for it.

Here’s a little marketing secret I’ll let you in on…until someone PAYS for something, they are not a prospect. They are tire kickers. Procrastinators. Potential free loaders. And maybe even worse.

I’ll take 50 prospects who have paid $49 over 5000 prospects who have opted in for a free report any day.

Because those 50 who paid will implement my advice and see results. The 5000 will probably do nothing at all and say, “This doesn’t work.”

Are you part of the 50? Or the 5000?

Get started here…

P.S. MOBE just passed the $50 Million Commissions Paid. Yes, that is right, the company paid out $50 Million in Commissions to its Affiliates already (in the last 3 years)! How much do you want?

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Why “Just Do It” Is Mostly Wrong

“Just do it!”

You hear that a lot. “Wanna make something happen? Just do it.” Act. Don’t spend so much time thinking… planning… preparing…

Just go for it. Don’t ask questions.

…and yet, it’s also said that the successful people are learners. They’re hungry for new information. Always growing. Always learning.

So which method is right? Should we be thinkers? Or doers?

Here’s the key:

You need to do both, but never at the same time.

Our brains (to simplify things) are wired to be in one of two modes: the thinking mode, or the doing mode.

When you try to do both at the same time, THAT’s where you start running into problems.

Maybe you’ve done this before:

(1) Start a project
(2) Make headway
(3) Realize you’re not fully sure what you’re trying to accomplish
(4) Start thinking
(5) Get confused
(6) Don’t make any progress
(7) Get Frustrated
(8) Check Facebook

Isn’t that the worst? When you TRY to get stuff done… but just CAN’T seem to?

The solution here isn’t to “just do it.” You CAN’T just do it when you don’t know what you’re doing!

The problem is that you mixed up thinking and doing. You started doing… before you thought through what you were trying to do. And then you tried doing both at the same time. And that didn’t work.

Get clear on what you’re doing before you start. THEN just do it.

When you do that, you can blaze through work at lightning speed.

Make sense?

There’s a LOT involved in starting a home business. Lots of thinking, lots of doing.

There are so many approaches you can take. Pitfalls. Dead ends.

MTTB breaks it all down into 21 steps, and it separates the thinking and the doing.

It makes sure you get clear on WHAT you’re doing.

…So that you CAN just do it, without getting stuck and frustrated.

10,000+ entrepreneurs and internet marketers have found this system helpful in starting a home business.

It’s $49 to join the 10,000+.

And if you complete the 21 steps… and haven’t made a big commission in 30 days… you get 10x your money back.

Start here:

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Gisela Beckermann

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How To Achieve Juggernaut Status In Your Online Business

Back in the 1980’s, Coca-Cola was losing market share to Pepsi.

It looked like Pepsi would soon become the leader in the soft drink industry. Executives at Coca-Cola were worried.

In April of 1985, Coca-Cola launched a new drink: “New Coke”—which had a completely ‘new’ formula.

The reasoning? Pepsi was selling better. So make a new product. A better product; one that could outsell Pepsi.

Reasonable enough. But…

Everyone hated the “New Coke.” No one wanted to buy it. People started trying to get the ‘old Coke’ from overseas where it was still being produced.

In short, New Coke was a disaster. Within three months, Coca-Cola reintroduced the old formula under the name “Coca-Cola Classic,” which then started outselling both New Coke and Pepsi by a lot.

The moral?

Formulas work.

You can try to be creative. You can try and do something totally new, or to innovate.

But at the end of the day, nothing can beat a great formula.

They’re like juggernauts. Unstoppable.

Or like ‘canned creativity’—creativity that’s been tested, refined, distilled, and stored… waiting to be unleashed at a later date.

Matt Lloyd has spent a lot of time honing his formula for earning big commissions.

Experience, trial-and-error, observation, input from the outside… it’s all gone into the creation of MTTB, a 21-step formula for systematically earning big commissions($1200, $3300, $5500).

This single, simple formula is the driving force behind Matt’s company, one of the fastest growing in the industry. It’s a 10-figures-yearly business with more than 10,000 active partners. And growing.

But all the flashiness and success and big numbers… they stem from one simple thing:

The formula.

Want access to it?

It’s $49 to sign up for MTTB.

Start here:



Gisela Beckermann

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