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is being built from the ground up, the grass roots marketers, the people that make the internet successful and make it what it is today, will build Zabang™. And we would like for you to join us as an Affiliate!

Can you imagine, a website built for the times, a search engine built for the times, that offers a 2-level affiliate program so people can actually for the very first time make money off these enormous profitable search engine sites and the timing couldn’t be more perfect with the estimate of 90% of all internet traffic will be coming from a mobile device within the next three years. And we will share revenue with our affiliates.

We are fast approaching phase 2 of the launch of the worlds finest new search engine .

In fact, we would have pulled the trigger by now except… someone from the Web Summit (only the world’s largest
and most respected tech conference in the world) read about us on LinkedIn.

THE WEB SUMMIT LOVES US! So much that the board voted on us … and invited us to attend this year’s congress, coming up on the second week of November in Lisbon, Portugal!

We are sending our top three people to this… Our CTO, our Business Development Director, and our Western Europe Director of Partnerships.

Originally we had six launch strategies tied together but now this is the 7th – and the biggest of them all.

It’s like being nominated for an Oscar but your film is the only one in the category of nominations. In our case the only search engine. And, over 50,000 people (just last year attendees) traveled from all over the world, Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 and everyone else serious about this industry will be there – and deals will be “flying”.

When we launch your back office will have new marketing tools to :
build your list of affiliates 2 levels deep, increasing your odds of high over ride income and searches, because when a searcher uses Zabang thru your affiliate link and then become an advertiser you earn on their purchase for the life of their account !!

Again 2 levels deep !

No other search engine shares its success like we do, NONE.

However before the next phase I wanted you truly appreciate all we are doing for you with this comprehensive description and private invitation .

Lastly , I’m setting up a network of telesales companies to call Business to Business and sell PPC .

This will be amazingly lucrative for these floors and if you are instrumental in brokering the “deal ” your commission could set you up for life as its a recurring commission/ you get paid every month for the life of every new account .

So come and join us as an Affiliate and help us spread the word:




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take this penny…

Here’s an amazingly true story just as real and effective as it was ‘way back when’ as it will be for you now…

Years ago a wise man related a story in his endeavor to explain compound interest to his grandson found the effort more difficult than he had imagined.

Now through the years this story has been altered many times but the essence of it, the reality of it, the simplicity of it has never changed and is as true today as it was back then.


The grandfather in his attempt to explain to his grandson the benefits of investing and receiving compound interest and how the magic of compounding can literally all by itself make anyone with patience and determination wealthy.

He first talked about investing just $1k at a very modest return of only 7% and that $1,000 would double and the investment would return compounded interest compounded daily and in just seven short years that 7% compounded daily interest would turn that $1,000 into $2,000 with no effort on behalf of the investor. The young grandson eager
to obtain his own fortune like his grandfather had, was struggling with the concept so…

The grandfather offered this example… “Son” he said, “If I offered you $1,000 in CASH now or just ONE PENNY that would double in value every day – it’s compounding, – which would you rather have from me?”

The grandson quickly answered, “Well, of course Grandpa, I’d much rather have the one thousand dollars now! Are you kidding?”

To which the grandfather replied, “All right then, let me tell you what you will be giving up.”

“If you invest just one penny today, and every day it doubles in value, in just 20 days it will be worth…”

Do the math with me…

Day 1: 1 penny becomes 2,
Day 2: 2 becomes 4,
Day 3: 4 becomes 8,
Day 4: 8 becomes 16,
Day 5: 16 becomes 32,
Day 6: 32 becomes 64 cents,
Day 7: 64 becomes $1.28,
Day 8: $1.28 becomes $2.56,
Day 9: $2.56 becomes $5.12,
Day 10: $5.12 becomes $10.24,
Day 11: $10.24 becomes $20.48,
Day 12: $20.48 becomes $40.96,
Day 13: $40.96 becomes $81.92,
Day 14: $81.92 becomes $163.84,
Day 15: $163.84 becomes $327.68,
Day 16: $327.68 becomes $655.36,
Day 17: $655.36 becomes $1,310.72,
Day 18: $1,310.72 becomes $2,621.44
Day 19: $2,621.44 becomes $5,242.88,
Day 20: $5,242.88 becomes $10,485.76

$10,485.76! Wow! From just that first penny!

And, that my new friend, and hopeful partner, is the very essence that drives the 2×14 matrix offered at this brand new company that is only $14.95 a month to join. It is truly amazing.

When you join, you will be joining on my personal team:

And, Mike G, the CEO & founder of this program, is the only person in the world who has put more than 11,000 people, direct signups not downline, into a single network marketing program. And he has done this all through email marketing. I’m even told Mike G is also the only person in the world to have ever put more than 5,000 people
into a network marketing program – and he’s done that with TWO other programs.

I don’t say this to boast, I just want you to know the nature of the people whose team you will be on, and I’m on Mike G’s team.

Now I don’t expect to do it all myself… Once you join make it your mission, make it your goal to put at least two of your own people – contacts, friends, associates, followers, and of the social media contacts you have… Just get two, share this story, tell them about the team that you are on, use this letter, just drop in your name, and your own link, it really is that simple.

It is an amazing network marketing company all about making money in network marketing. This company believes as I do in the importance of multiple streams of income. It has been years since I have been as excited as I am about
this – simple but yet eloquent and powerful network marketing company and I’m going to get behind it and fold it into all of my sales funnels and marketing activities.

You can stand idly by and watch my team grow, or you can get involved now for only $14.95 and be part of it in a significant way.

Imagine earning money from me and those folks who I sponsor in the form of spillover automatically – it will happen, it has to happen, the system is built that way.

Imagine having $36,353 + change coming in MONTHLY just as a result in having a full matrix because you read this letter today and sometime and hopefully in the not too distant future you too are there with me.

So whatever you do, don’t think of this letter as hype, don’t think of this program as some pyramid scheme, don’t discount it because it’s network marketing. Network marketing is a way for the average man and the average woman who sells a service or product such as this program offers – that is worth it’s price despite the fact that commissions are being paid out on it through several levels – to make enormous sums of money for every one.

The internet is full of such stories, this company, I assure you, will add to that list of people who become independently wealthy just because they took action and joined the right team at the right time for a very small investment.

Gisela Beckermann
P.S.Tap or click my link to learn how you can earn up to $36,353 (or more) per month inviting just 2 people (or less) into a $14.95 per month program!

P.S.: And yes, this is my affiliate link above, but even though I’m being compensated to tell you about this I wouldn’t tell you under any circumstances if I didn’t believe in it.

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Here is what’s being said in the Press about LEAFIT

Leafit combines some of the most significant and desired elements
of internet monetization techniques in what experts call the “Holy Grail”
of online revenue models”
The Boston Globe

“This company has created the world’s first social networking platform
that allows its users to instantly monetize their pictures and content
with the click of a finger.” – YAHOO FINANCE


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Mobile Ads | Why Ready2GMobile Launching Hot New Platform Now [Overview]

Ready2GMobile is THE HOTTEST opportunity in the world right now and with good reason.

Here’s the top 12 reasons why leaders are FLOCKING in and joining in what is going to end up being record setting numbers!


#1. WORLD’S FIRST Paying Pre-launch!

Not only can you join right now and start building a global organization (more about that in a sec…), but you’ll also GET PAID!

They are asking: Why can’t you pay your reps while in pre-launch?

HOGWASH indeed. Why not?

They certainly aren’t letting it stop them from paying out tons of cash each and every day to the reps.

Speaking of getting paid…

Wait ’til you see the comp plan!

Holy cow, even I have to say it’s “crazy” and “insane” what they have done…

#2. World’s FIRST 3-in-1 Comp plan!
(Yes, ANOTHER World’s First!)

Taking the top 3 best comp plans in the industry and combining them together into ONE SUPER CRAZY HIGH PAYING comp plan.

This has NEVER been done before to my personal knowledge.

And the payouts you can get… Whoa boy, they are HUGE!

You really gotta see this to believe it. Go and take a look at the compensation plan PDF. Amazing I must say.

Click HERE to reserve your spot on the next pre-launch webinar event.

#3. Affordable Local/Global Advertising

FINALLY! A company that actually cares about your success AND puts its money where it’s mouth is!..

ALL members automatically get access to the worldwide advertising platform AT NO EXTRA COST!

#4. UNLIMITED ADVERTISING for one low monthly price!

Business owners are going “bonkers” over this because EVERY business needs to advertise and market more.

The more advertising and marketing you do, the more leads you get.

Business really is THAT simple when you drill down to its core.

#5. People LOVE the Product!

It’s insanely easy to recruit and sell something when you’re offering what your prospect DESPERATELY wants and is actively looking to buy!


It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg or your first born child to start your own business.

That’s why R2GMobile is affordable to everyone around the world.

You can get started with R2GMobile for as low as $69!

#7. Open in OVER 100 COUNTRIES!

That’s right, the moment you join R2GMobile, you’ll have ACCESS TO OVER 100 VIRGIN MARKETS!

With low start-up costs, it’s easy to build a MASSIVE ORGANIZATION spanning the world.

#8. PROVEN Marketing System That Sells & Recruits For You!

You’ve probably heard this claim before and the end product failed to deliver.

Everyone has been scammed and let down like that in the past and the President of the company, Mr. Randal Williams refuses to let that happen to any of all valued reps.

That’s why he insisted that the company spare no expense and hired the very best of the best.

The automated 24/7 global marketing system was created by one of the world’s TOP direct response marketing and copywriting teams.

From the lead capture page to the email auto-responder series sent to your prospects – EVERYTHING was written by this team.


But as he jokingly says: He did manage to negotiate the keeping of his first born much his wife’s relief. ;)

Whatever you are thinking, the answer is a resounding and simple:



As a backup you’ll be happy to know that R2GMobile made sure part of the contract was to have them monitor all the boring, yet key marketing metrics.

Things like opt-in rates, click-throughs, sign-ups etc…

This is just ANOTHER REASON why top leaders around the world are joining the company in droves and you should consider it too!

#9. Top Notch Training and Support!

Nobody is being left behind!

That’s why there is top notch training for those who need or want it.

R2GMobile got every aspect of how to build and grow your business covered.

Just log in to your back office, click on the training tab and select the topic you want help with.

And of course, the friendly support staff is always available to help you with anything should you need it.

#10. A TRULY Once-In-A-Lifetime Ground-Floor Opportunity!

Probably  you’re rolling your eyes right now. And you know what?

It seems EVERYTHING is a “Once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity not to be missed these days.

But once you start investigating the opportunity and scratch the surface even just the tiniest bit, you quickly discover it’s all smoke and mirrors and lies.

Well THAT IS NOT THE CASE with R2GMobile!

AND THEY PROVE IT TO YOU and that is why all the leaders rushing in to join.

#11. Momentum!

It’s already starting to snowball.

For example, so far the company has already served 138,476 ads.

Not a lot huh?

Certainly nothing to brag or boast about right?


What you don’t know is that as of midnight Sunday (Nov 30th) they had served just under 100,000 ads.

What does that mean? It’s OVER A 38% INCREASE IN JUST 3 DAYS!

As you can imagine, this number is DRAMATICALLY and RADICALLY INCREASING as more and more people join R2GMobile from all corners of the Earth.



That’s why you should join and get in before they hit critical mass and the snowball effect creates one millionaire rep after another after another.

You could be one of our first millionaires if you wish and act fast!

But it can only happen if you join in the mobile revolution that is happening right now all around you.

How many of your friends, co-workers and family members have a smartphone or tablet?

EACH AND EVERY ONE of those devices is a potential cash cow!

You REALLY GOTTA SEE what R2GMobile is doing and how YOU CAN PROFIT handsomely by joining.

#12. Access to Prospecting & Recruiting Call Center!

As if the  business wasn’t exciting enough for you, they even got a full blown call center calling the reps’ leads for them RIGHT NOW.


  • Final  Thought … SIMPLY PUT and in my personal opinion:

YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS THIS opportunity! The Sales Funnel is EPIC!

As you know, I never report on Opportunities I do not personally check out, test and join myself. This is a GREAT one. Take a look at the Opportunity right here and decide if this is right for you:


-Gisela Beckermann –

Skype: Gilaworld

P.S. Sorry but I just found another GREAT REASON why you should join R2GMobile:


THIS business is so simple and easy, you can run it using nothing more than your smartphone or tablet.

If you can send an email or a text…

If you you’ve ever downloaded an app on your smartphone…

…If you can use Facebook… Twitter… or any kind of social media – YOU CAN DO THIS BUSINESS!

The R2GMobile business REALLY IS that easy and simple to do.

But don’t take my word for it.

Come find out for yourself, click this link to register for webinar event.

P.P.S. You can contact me anytime through SKYPE: gilaworld

… or you can email me with any questions you might have:

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