Jennifer Hudson, Pharrell, And Iggy Azalea Team Up For “He Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere”

1. Jennifer Hudson teamed up with Pharrell and Iggy Azalea for her new song, “He Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere.” It’s a total pleasure party, and debuting on BuzzFeed today:

Pharrell produced the track, which features a verse from Iggy and this hot advice from Hudson: “Whisper in his ear it makes it hotter / Don’t wipe the sweat it makes it better.”

2. “I hope it’s a song people can listen to and let the music do what it’s meant: Let go of the shit that holds you back and just take a minute to dance and feel good,” Hudson told BuzzFeed News.

RCA Records

She continued: “It’s that perfect mix of glamorous, late-night style dance music from the past that has always really hit me deep.”

The disco-tinged song was inspired by 20th century extravagance but made crisp and clean for contemporary listeners, she explained. “[Pharrell and I] were able to use music and soul to actively reminisce on those fantasy nights of the ’60s and ’70s,” Hudson said. “We really worked to keep the sound relatable, but the way the bass hits your chest and the guitar licks sort of tingle your ear really work well to transport you to a time in music history I just live for. It’s the sort of track you can’t listen to without moving and the fact that we were able to have Iggy join in on it was just what it needed. To be honest, I consider it one of the centerpieces of my album because it captures all the things that inspire me so well.”

3. “He Ain’t Goin’ Nowhere” is taken from Hudson’s upcoming third album, JHUD, which drops Sept. 23 via RCA.

RCA Records

In the week between now and the album’s release, Hudson will be sharing stories about what inspired it on her Instagram.

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Community Post: Cool Stuff To Check Out In The Pacific Northwest


This is a pretty obvious food thing to check out. Voodoo has become quite the popular tourist attraction in downtown Portland with people lining up MINUTES, and on a bad day, an HOUR to get a taste of these donuts. Voodoo helped pioneer the novelty donut craze with stores like Donut Friend and Donut Snob sprouting up all over Los Angeles’ hipper east side. For an extra four bucks you can get the “Cock-and-Balls” personalized (see above picture taken by my 80 year old grandfather). I personally recommend the eponymous raspberry jelly filled Voodoo donut.

2. Ground Kontrol

Located nearly two blocks away from downtown’s Voodoo is the classic arcade Ground Kontrol. The interior feels like you’re walking around your Macbook’s lit-up keyboard. Err, well I guess a more relevant comparison would be you’re Jeff Bridges and you’re stuck in a computer’s mainframe. The cool (I mean it’s literally cold in the building) atmosphere and polygonal interior makes Ground Kontrol like no other arcade. Even the bathroom is a really great place to be (little lighting and Pacman tiles).

3. Killer Burger

Oh my God, guys. How wonderful is Killer Burger? There appears to be currently six locations, two in Washington. I digress, let us discuss the MAIN Killer Burger.* To add to the exclusivity of my visits to Killer Burger, I only get the “Jose Mendoza” burger because it is soooooo so good. I don’t need to try no other burger here, I peaked. It was a rainy day, typical, and I was wandering alone in Portland like a disenchanted Scarlett Johanssen à la Lost In Translation. Except of Tokyo however, my cityscape was damp and quiet Portland. ANYWAY, I came across this burger joint that was packed inside, I came in, and I asked the counter lady to recommend a burger. What goes in the Jose Mendoza, you ask? Delicious roasted green chilies, jack cheese, bacon, grilled onions, house sauce, and pickles, which I could do without. Please go here and treat yourself. You deserve it.

*the only one I’ve been to.

4. Drive Along the Pacific Coast

So you ate a bunch of food that’s bad for you, go on a drive and a hike! I came across a sweet little place called Smuggler’s Cove located in Oswald West State Park. Walking through the forest, you get to see banana slugs, huge mushrooms, decaying trees and a bunch of other fun stuff. Also, just step out of your car to admire the view, yeah?

5. North Bend, WA

This might only appeal to fans of David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. A three hour drive northeast of Portland will take you to Twede’s Cafe, the actual diner from the show. I wasn’t blown away by the cherry pie, and the coffee was pretty substandard, but seeing another Twin Peaks landmark, the scenic Smoqualine Falls, made up for my lack of “damn good coffee.”

6. The Waffle Window

Did you think I was done talking about food? WELL, hey the best waffles I’ve had in my life are in Southeast Portland. I was on Yelp, I mean, I suppose you can just do that instead of reading my article, and I came across this super highly rated place under the breakfast category. Waffle Window did not fail to deliver. Poor, uncultured Catherine did not even know what brie was, but she ordered the “Three B’s” because she heard the couple in front of her order it. Holy crap. These waffles are amazing. First, the waffle itself, a “pearl sugar waffle,” is so crisp, so sweet, so perfect. Then the toppings, thick cut slabs of bacon, slices of brie cheese, chopped basil, and a side of peach jam just make this the most incredible breakfast experience. And then you can sit in the outdoor patio and make friends with neighborhood street cats. Heaven.

7. Movie Madness

This place boasts itself as having the “largest and most comprehensive collection of movies available to rent on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Video.” What’s more impressive is that the store has actual props and costumes from various films in its “Movie Madness Museum.” The soap used in Fight Club publicity campaigns was donated by director David Fincher. Even the Fu Dog Statue from Citizen Kane is here. And best of all, it’s free!

8. Mt. Hood, Powell’s Book Store, etc…

C’mon man.

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