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is being built from the ground up, the grass roots marketers, the people that make the internet successful and make it what it is today, will build Zabang™. And we would like for you to join us as an Affiliate!

Can you imagine, a website built for the times, a search engine built for the times, that offers a 2-level affiliate program so people can actually for the very first time make money off these enormous profitable search engine sites and the timing couldn’t be more perfect with the estimate of 90% of all internet traffic will be coming from a mobile device within the next three years. And we will share revenue with our affiliates.

We are fast approaching phase 2 of the launch of the worlds finest new search engine .

In fact, we would have pulled the trigger by now except… someone from the Web Summit (only the world’s largest
and most respected tech conference in the world) read about us on LinkedIn.

THE WEB SUMMIT LOVES US! So much that the board voted on us … and invited us to attend this year’s congress, coming up on the second week of November in Lisbon, Portugal!

We are sending our top three people to this… Our CTO, our Business Development Director, and our Western Europe Director of Partnerships.

Originally we had six launch strategies tied together but now this is the 7th – and the biggest of them all.

It’s like being nominated for an Oscar but your film is the only one in the category of nominations. In our case the only search engine. And, over 50,000 people (just last year attendees) traveled from all over the world, Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 and everyone else serious about this industry will be there – and deals will be “flying”.

When we launch your back office will have new marketing tools to :
build your list of affiliates 2 levels deep, increasing your odds of high over ride income and searches, because when a searcher uses Zabang thru your affiliate link and then become an advertiser you earn on their purchase for the life of their account !!

Again 2 levels deep !

No other search engine shares its success like we do, NONE.

However before the next phase I wanted you truly appreciate all we are doing for you with this comprehensive description and private invitation .

Lastly , I’m setting up a network of telesales companies to call Business to Business and sell PPC .

This will be amazingly lucrative for these floors and if you are instrumental in brokering the “deal ” your commission could set you up for life as its a recurring commission/ you get paid every month for the life of every new account .

So come and join us as an Affiliate and help us spread the word:




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This Is What Telephone Towers Looked Like 100 Years Ago. What In The World?

Take a good look at your cell phone and be thankful for it.

For 26 years, this telephone tower served the people of Stockholm, Sweden. When the tower was decommissioned, it had about 5,000 lines connected to it. From 1913 to 1953, it stood as a landmark until it was destroyed by a fire. Luckily for us, Tekniska Museet decided to share their photographs of the fantastic old tower from back in its heyday.

When you look at it, there’s no denying its beauty, but thanks to today’s technology, it’s nearly impossible to imagine what something would look like in modern times.

It’s just SO big!

How did those wires even get there?

This job had to have been terrifying.

(via Twisted Sifter)

What an amazing structure! It’s so strange to think about a time when that was heavily relied on. I wonder what people from 100 years into the future will look back on from our time. They’ll probably laugh at our routers (because, c’mon, those are so confusing).

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If you want to know how to backup all your phone and computer data in the cloud, GO HERE

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Backup or No Backup…. That’s the Question!

We all know that the world is going paperless. What happens when you setup a bank account?

The first thing they will ask you is “do you want to go paperless?”

Similar things are happening in the data storage arena. In the future, more and more data will be stored in the cloud instead of your external hard drives. People are using digital cameras, smartphones, tablets and such and nobody will want all that data clogging up their devices. So where is it going to be stored? …In the cloud.

New and simple technologies are being developed right now. Just take a look at companies like Dropbox™, GotBackup etc. Last year, only 7% of people were using a cloud storage programs like these, at the end of this year it is supposed to be as high as 40%.

GotBackup Cloud Storage

So what’s the problem with external hard drives and why are people moving toward automated systems?

External hard drives can be stolen, they can be lost, they have a lifetime value of  just about 2 years, and its just not “set and forget” because you have to plug them into your laptop and backup your files!

Cloud storage runs on both PC’s and MAC’s, and your data gets backed up automatically as you add content to your devices. Now you may ask yourself “What is there to do then?”

1. You install a very simple piece of software on your PC.

2. You click on “manage backup” and click the files you want to backup. Lets say you want to backup your photos. No problem. See when you have UNLIMITED STORAGE, you do not worry about anything, as you can literally backup EVERYTHING on your computer, you do not have to pick and choose, you just simply backup EVERYTHING.

3. When your data is in the cloud, you can access it from anywhere in the world. You could use any hotel lobby computer to access your data by logging into your account, and pulling up the documents, photos or videos you are looking for or want to share.

4. Lets say you are on a business trip and you forgot your Powerpoint Presentation. You can grab it from the cloud.

5. Depending on what package you choose, you can backup ONE single PC, or MULTIPLE DEVICES

The cloud stores pictures in their original size, not compressed sizes. And you can share them directly from there, and sent them to anyone in the world you choose to. And this does not just apply to pictures, but also to Videos, Music, Documents, Movies etc. And… contrary to what people believe, it is very secure!

With 256 bit encryption (just like what banks use) your data is 100% secure. Here are the facts… We are at the beginning of a trend that will grow by leaps and bounds over the next years as the world continues to be more digital!

For me personally, there is really no way to know which file is important out of tens of thousands of files I have on my PC, so why not just backup EVERYTHING. It just makes sense with an UNLIMITED backup for my PC, Computer, Tablet, Iphone and so on. Every piece of data I have is available to me from anywhere in the world at a click of a button! That is why I am using GotBackup.

  • By now you are probably wondering what this UNLIMITED backup service could possibly cost? Here is what is so amazing about this:
  • It is just $8.99 per month. YES, that is correct, not even 10 Dollars a month!

Have questions? Leave a comment.

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Marissa Mayer, New Yahoo! CEO, Announces She’s Pregnant

2. The same day Marissa Mayer was named CEO of Yahoo!, she told “Fortune” that she’s pregnant with her first child.

NOAH BERGER / Getty Images

(via Fortune)

3. Yahoo!’s board had no problem with it. “They showed their evolved thinking,” Mayer said.


4. Mayer has been a leading advocate for women in tech.

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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5. “I like to stay in the rhythm of things…My maternity leave will be a few weeks long and I’ll work throughout it.”


6. Mayer, 37, said she wants the guy she is replacing, Ross Levinsohn, to stick around, and called him “a phenomenal executive.”

Justin Sullivan / Getty Images

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