You want more traffic to your websites? – You’ve got it.

“Can you just let me have it for nothing?” I am regularly approached by people who say to me – “IF your system works, and it makes you the income you claim, why do you need to charge for it?”

They also say to me –

“Let me have your system for nothing, and when I am making money with it, I will pay you back for it”.

Well, to this, I normally remind them that in every other kind of business, you don’t behave in this way.

You don’t go to buy something in a department store and say to the cashier –

“Let me have it for nothing, because I want to see if it works for me.”

You don’t go to your dentist and say –

“You are earning quite a lot with all the skills you have developed, so why do you need to charge me for my root canal – can’t I just have it for nothing?”






However – here at TAG, in association with my colleague Paul Lynch, we have decided on this occasion to let you have one of our traffic products for ONE single Dollar.

We are doing this, because we believe that when you see the value you are getting – you will want to buy more from us.

But – there are no strings attached. The product will be yours to keep even if you don’t want anything else.

And you won’t be bombarded with upsell after upsell either. This is plain and simple.

This product will teach you how to get traffic to your offers at an amazing penny per visitor, which is pretty powerful, as I am sure you agree.

I can’t say fairer than that.

You can access it here>>>


To your online success,

Gisela Beckermann
skype: gilaworld

P.S. I may never send this offer out again – so grab it while you can!

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Traffic Secrets

The #1 reason why people are not able to refer others into their online program is because they do not have have a list of people to market to.

Well, now you do!

Premium USA Traffic And Profit – Amazing Results

Works for absolutely ANY program!

Have you dreamed of the day when you would receive m.illions of website visitors in a single day?

Today is that day!

Because building an email list can be a full-time j.ob all on its own, we have come up with a way to make this process easier than you ever imagined possible.

1 Traffic Token = 1 URL

Receive m.illions of website visitors in a single day!

The o.pportunities are endless.

Gain access to f.ree traffic targeting, 20 m.illion daily visitors (yes you read that right) – 100% human traffic and up to 60 m.illion daily website impressions as client.

And just when you thought it could not get more e.xciting, we help you earn a residual i.ncome at the same time too.

We p.ay you up to 8O% m.onthly residual i.ncome

Ready to put your email list on auto-pilot?

This is a proven s.ystem that has worked for all our partners and it will definitely boost your o.nline traffic too!

Turn on the traffic by going to the below …

Gisela Beckermann
skype: gilaworld

P.S. If you want to chat feel free to contact me on Skype


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Why Pay Attention To The “Traffic Authority” Pre-Launch?


What Makes The Traffic Authority Pre-Launch Special?

* The ‘Billion Dollar’ Google and Facebook Business Model!
* Premium Traffic, Tools, and Training For Online Businesses!
* Solid Company That’s Paid Out Over $1,000,000 Already!
* High Converting Pre-Launch Sales Funnel and Resources!
* Make Money From The Same Customers Over And Over!
* Earn Up To $1,000, $2,000, and $4,000 Commissions!
* Win Over $20,000 in Prizes From Our Launch Contest!

Watch This Video To Learn More About Traffic Authority And How You Can Benefit From It !
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Mobile Ads | Why Ready2GMobile Launching Hot New Platform Now [Overview]

Ready2GMobile is THE HOTTEST opportunity in the world right now and with good reason.

Here’s the top 12 reasons why leaders are FLOCKING in and joining in what is going to end up being record setting numbers!


#1. WORLD’S FIRST Paying Pre-launch!

Not only can you join right now and start building a global organization (more about that in a sec…), but you’ll also GET PAID!

They are asking: Why can’t you pay your reps while in pre-launch?

HOGWASH indeed. Why not?

They certainly aren’t letting it stop them from paying out tons of cash each and every day to the reps.

Speaking of getting paid…

Wait ’til you see the comp plan!

Holy cow, even I have to say it’s “crazy” and “insane” what they have done…

#2. World’s FIRST 3-in-1 Comp plan!
(Yes, ANOTHER World’s First!)

Taking the top 3 best comp plans in the industry and combining them together into ONE SUPER CRAZY HIGH PAYING comp plan.

This has NEVER been done before to my personal knowledge.

And the payouts you can get… Whoa boy, they are HUGE!

You really gotta see this to believe it. Go and take a look at the compensation plan PDF. Amazing I must say.

Click HERE to reserve your spot on the next pre-launch webinar event.

#3. Affordable Local/Global Advertising

FINALLY! A company that actually cares about your success AND puts its money where it’s mouth is!..

ALL members automatically get access to the worldwide advertising platform AT NO EXTRA COST!

#4. UNLIMITED ADVERTISING for one low monthly price!

Business owners are going “bonkers” over this because EVERY business needs to advertise and market more.

The more advertising and marketing you do, the more leads you get.

Business really is THAT simple when you drill down to its core.

#5. People LOVE the Product!

It’s insanely easy to recruit and sell something when you’re offering what your prospect DESPERATELY wants and is actively looking to buy!


It shouldn’t cost an arm and a leg or your first born child to start your own business.

That’s why R2GMobile is affordable to everyone around the world.

You can get started with R2GMobile for as low as $69!

#7. Open in OVER 100 COUNTRIES!

That’s right, the moment you join R2GMobile, you’ll have ACCESS TO OVER 100 VIRGIN MARKETS!

With low start-up costs, it’s easy to build a MASSIVE ORGANIZATION spanning the world.

#8. PROVEN Marketing System That Sells & Recruits For You!

You’ve probably heard this claim before and the end product failed to deliver.

Everyone has been scammed and let down like that in the past and the President of the company, Mr. Randal Williams refuses to let that happen to any of all valued reps.

That’s why he insisted that the company spare no expense and hired the very best of the best.

The automated 24/7 global marketing system was created by one of the world’s TOP direct response marketing and copywriting teams.

From the lead capture page to the email auto-responder series sent to your prospects – EVERYTHING was written by this team.


But as he jokingly says: He did manage to negotiate the keeping of his first born much his wife’s relief. ;)

Whatever you are thinking, the answer is a resounding and simple:



As a backup you’ll be happy to know that R2GMobile made sure part of the contract was to have them monitor all the boring, yet key marketing metrics.

Things like opt-in rates, click-throughs, sign-ups etc…

This is just ANOTHER REASON why top leaders around the world are joining the company in droves and you should consider it too!

#9. Top Notch Training and Support!

Nobody is being left behind!

That’s why there is top notch training for those who need or want it.

R2GMobile got every aspect of how to build and grow your business covered.

Just log in to your back office, click on the training tab and select the topic you want help with.

And of course, the friendly support staff is always available to help you with anything should you need it.

#10. A TRULY Once-In-A-Lifetime Ground-Floor Opportunity!

Probably  you’re rolling your eyes right now. And you know what?

It seems EVERYTHING is a “Once-in-a-lifetime” opportunity not to be missed these days.

But once you start investigating the opportunity and scratch the surface even just the tiniest bit, you quickly discover it’s all smoke and mirrors and lies.

Well THAT IS NOT THE CASE with R2GMobile!

AND THEY PROVE IT TO YOU and that is why all the leaders rushing in to join.

#11. Momentum!

It’s already starting to snowball.

For example, so far the company has already served 138,476 ads.

Not a lot huh?

Certainly nothing to brag or boast about right?


What you don’t know is that as of midnight Sunday (Nov 30th) they had served just under 100,000 ads.

What does that mean? It’s OVER A 38% INCREASE IN JUST 3 DAYS!

As you can imagine, this number is DRAMATICALLY and RADICALLY INCREASING as more and more people join R2GMobile from all corners of the Earth.



That’s why you should join and get in before they hit critical mass and the snowball effect creates one millionaire rep after another after another.

You could be one of our first millionaires if you wish and act fast!

But it can only happen if you join in the mobile revolution that is happening right now all around you.

How many of your friends, co-workers and family members have a smartphone or tablet?

EACH AND EVERY ONE of those devices is a potential cash cow!

You REALLY GOTTA SEE what R2GMobile is doing and how YOU CAN PROFIT handsomely by joining.

#12. Access to Prospecting & Recruiting Call Center!

As if the  business wasn’t exciting enough for you, they even got a full blown call center calling the reps’ leads for them RIGHT NOW.


  • Final  Thought … SIMPLY PUT and in my personal opinion:

YOU CANNOT AFFORD TO MISS THIS opportunity! The Sales Funnel is EPIC!

As you know, I never report on Opportunities I do not personally check out, test and join myself. This is a GREAT one. Take a look at the Opportunity right here and decide if this is right for you:


-Gisela Beckermann –

Skype: Gilaworld

P.S. Sorry but I just found another GREAT REASON why you should join R2GMobile:


THIS business is so simple and easy, you can run it using nothing more than your smartphone or tablet.

If you can send an email or a text…

If you you’ve ever downloaded an app on your smartphone…

…If you can use Facebook… Twitter… or any kind of social media – YOU CAN DO THIS BUSINESS!

The R2GMobile business REALLY IS that easy and simple to do.

But don’t take my word for it.

Come find out for yourself, click this link to register for webinar event.

P.P.S. You can contact me anytime through SKYPE: gilaworld

… or you can email me with any questions you might have:

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LocalResidual Webinar Invitation.

The “Yellow Books Pages” are dead! You know it, I know it and small businesses know it..

The problem is most small businesses are now clueless!!


Completely clueless on how to market their business and that creates HUGE opportunities for Online Marketers like you and I!!

Two of the country’s largest yellow book pages companies filed for prepackaged Chapter 11 bankruptcy in March 2013, hoping to emerge as a single company by July.

The two companies, SuperMedia (SPMD) and Dex One (DEXO), announced their merger plans last summer
and hope to save as much as $175 million a year as a result of combining their operations.

So what is causing these bankruptcies?

The internet.. or more specifically Google™ and Facebook™!!

Here is the massive opportunity!

Small businesses are busy running their small business and in the past their “Yellow Book Pages” sales rep would come by once a year to renew the contract.

Done.. “Set and forget” buy your yellow book pages ad and forget it for another year!


You see..

Businesses know they need a website and a way to market that website, but they are CLUELESS and DO NOT have the time or energy to learn how to do it!

A small business owner MUST advertise online now because quite frankly their lively hood depends on it!

How would you like to:

  • with zero online marketing skills cash in on this HUGE opportunity
  • how would you like to have thousands of small businesses paying you to do their online marketing for them every month! (you do not even do the work) you are just a middleman!!
  • learn 3 simple skills necessary to get small businesses calling you begging you to help them market online?

Imagine if you could have hundreds and if not thousands of local businesses calling you to do their online marketing
and (drum roll) here is the best part!

You do not even have to do the work!

There are thousands of people worldwide that you can “outsource” the work to!

So it would look like this:


  • A local business contacts you for online marketing services
  • You outsource the work elsewhere to someone else
  • You get PAID the difference every single month!

Joel Therien and Eric Louviere are true experts and pioneers when it comes to Marketing for Local Businesses.

Joel has held over 500 small businesses as local clients for over 15 years!!

Eric Louviere built a marketing business out of Austin, TX that did over 40 million per year in the local market!!


Smart people see trends and opportunities!


And you can cash in on it!

Enough said, if you want to make MILLIONS in your local area then register for this webinar today!

Tuesday November 24th 2014 at 8pm Eastern


How to make millions from local businesses in your back yard!

Even if you can not make it be sure to register because then we can send you the recording of the webinar later!

Its time to make a killing, its time to go “local”

See you on the webinar!

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DesktopLightning – Strengths and Weaknesses

Desktop Lightning

If you’ve been following what’s been going on in the Internet Marketing scene then I’m sure you’ve at least heard about by now.

A lot of people are saying really good things about the site, but are they true?

I decided to write up an honest review of the site, covering what I believe to be its strengths and its weaknesses, just to clear it up once and for all… – Strengths and Weaknesses

Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5 stars (* * * * 1/2)

In A Nutshell…

A catchy new viral marketing tool, capable of broadcastingm essages directly to people’s desktops. Easy to use, and caters primarily to those who have something they want to promote and are looking for a better way to do it. (Read on for why I didn’t give it 5 stars)

1. Initial Impressions

When I was first introduced to, I wasn’t quite sure exactly what to think. Everyone was saying it was going to be more powerful than e-mail marketing, but this seemed like too bold of a claim.

I signed up anyway, since I usually give things a chance — that’s how I have found the several sites I do really trust and rely on.

The signup process did take about 60 seconds, as advertised, and their software program downloaded and installed in about 30 seconds. No long, tedious install processes here. If you own downloadable software, you might want to take a look at how quick their install process is.

Right after installing the software, it ran immediately, and I was quickly presented with a tool to invite my friends. Within one-click’s access was my Inbox, the tool to send broadcasts, a statistics page, and my favorite, the “Build Your Network” page. I’ll get more into why that’s my favorite page later.

2. Viral Growth

This is where the site really shines, in my opinion. The purpose of a viral marketing site is that you should be able to invite just a few people, and then it will start growing on its own. Many sites claim to work like this, but few actually work as advertised.

I’m not sure if it’s because of their unique concept or the slick implementation, but this site is REALLY viral. Here’s some of the testimonials they got, which I think sum it up pretty well:

“This website is so viral – I received over 100 sign-ups and my network is already 5 levels deep in less than 48 hours.” ~ Rene Keiser

“I invited just a handful of people only a few days ago and I already have 48 members on 5 levels below me. I am going to keep promoting this, but I see it has a life of it’s own now. I couldn’t stop my network from expanding if I wanted to!” ~ David Parton

“I haven’t ever seen a system build a downline so fast. I joined your program just to try something new. Four days later I had a downline of 43 people. This is unbelievable.” ~ Harry Joseph

Although they obviously can’t guarantee results for anyone, the general consesus is that most people who do get those initial few people in are experiencing results similar to these. I give an A+ for spreading like wildfire.

3. Direct-To-Desktop Broadcasts

So, once you have the people in your network from the direct invitations and the viral growth, then it really gets cool. Now is when you get to broadcast whatever message you want directly to their desktops. Gone are the days of sending out emails and wondering if they were received due to spam filters and crowded inboxes.

If you upgrade to their Platinum membership, then you can even get exact statistics on the percentage of your broadcasts that were opened, but the Platinum membership is not the subject of this review.

Here’s how it works — the software is what allows the direct-to-desktop communication to be received. Since everyone in your network will have the application installed, just as you do, this is what allows such smooth and instant communication to occur.

Within one hour of your sending the message, everyone in your network who is online will receive a notification on their desktop that they can click to read your message. Anyone who isn’t online at the time will receive it when they log on next.

I’m sure you can see why this type of communication has been more successful than email as of late, so I won’t get into it too much here. The basic point though is that there’s no way your message can be lost, overlooked, or blocked by any filters.

If you upgrade to their Platinum service you can do things like embed video and sound right into the broadcast, but again, I’ll save the Platinum service for another review.

4. Building Your Network

Most sites out there nowadays don’t really help you build a network of people below you. They just throw you a URL and tell you to run with it. While this works for most advanced people, it’s not somethingthat’s very easy for people who are just starting out. went really far this time to make sure that everyone has a way to bring people into their network, regardless of skill level. When you click on the “Build Your Network” link from within their application, you’ll be presented with a surprising number of tools to help you build your downline. Everything from banners, to popups, to text ads, to invitation tools, to emails to send out, etc.

Then, they continue to offer something which I haven’t seen on any Internet Marketing site yet — they have a “Starting From Scratch” section, designed specifically for people who have no list and no website with traffic.

If you’re in that position, then you’ll love this section, since they detail specific strategies you can use to promote (or anything for that matter), even if you don’t have anything to start with. Quite a valuable resource.

5. Not For Everyone

With all that said, the only downside to is that it’s not for everyone. Of course, some might see that as an upside, since it’s a more targeted opportunity. Basically, the bottom line is that is a promotional tool. You need to have something you want to promote or advertise before you can really make use of the site.

This is all due to the fact that the basic concept is that you build a viral network of people, and then broadcast something to it. But, this “something” is whatever you want, so you must already have something you’d want to send to a lot of people. If you don’t have something yet, you could start building your network first, and then once you get something to promote you’ll be ready to launch it immediately. If you do have something to promote, that’s when the site really shines.

6. Conclusion

I would recommend this site to anyone who has something to promote or advertise. It definitely works, and your downline will grow extremely fast if you put some energy into getting it started.

The direct-to-desktop broadcasts are a killer app in today’s online climate, where emails barely even get through anymore. The only reason I didn’t give it 5 stars is that it has nothing to offer for people who don’t have anything to promote or advertise yet.

If you want to advertise or promote something to a lot of people in a unique and poweful way, then this site is for you.

At any rate, my general opinion is that since it’s so quick to set up and try, if you have something you want to promote you might as well go check it out. You can always remove it later if you decide you don’t like it.

Here’s the link where you can sign up:

Enjoy! :)

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