How to Grow Your Business Fast
August 14, 2019

Marketing is not that complicated.

Here is some facts straight from the horse’s mouth… [Google™]

The world searches on Google™. Turn those searches into customers.
Every month, there are over…

  • 5 billion searches on Google for restaurants
  • 3 billion searches for hotels
  • 1 billion searches for clothing stores
  • 600 million searches for hair and beauty salons
  • 5 million searches for coffee shops

Do you actually know how many people are looking for a business like yours? I argue, that very business owner should start with a VERIFIED Google My Business profile. Do you have a Google My Business (GMB) account setup? If not, here is a short video how to do it!

And remember, it’s FREE.

Want help? Get in touch! gisela@theartegroup.com

Make it a GREAT day!

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