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The “Riley Rule” for online success

Irony is “a state of affairs or an event that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.”

And my favorite irony story comes from the world of sports.

Pat Riley was the coach of the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team back in the 1980s.

The Lakers were very, very successful. Winning their conference almost every year and winning several NBA championships.

And back then, the rule was that the coach of the team that won the conference got to coach his conference’s team in the All-Star game the following year.

But the Lakers were winning their conference so often that Pat Riley ALWAYS seemed to be coaching the All-Star game.

Now, many of us would just say, “Who cares? He earned it. Sport is about competition. If somebody else wants to coach the game, they’re just going to have to beat Pat Riley’s Lakersand take it from him. That’s what sport is all about.”

But the NBA didn’t see it that way and passed a new rule. The new rule stated that a coach could only coach the All-Star team two years in a row. If a coach won the conference 3 years in a row, then on that 3rd year the coach of the SECOND PLACE team would take his place.

It was nicknamed the “Riley Rule”

It should have been called the “Anti-Riley Rule”

Or just plain “stupid.”

But there it is.

So, a few years later, the Chicago Bulls won 3 championships in a row. Their coach Phil Jackson, according to the moroninc “Riley Rule”, could not coach the All-Star game for the third year.

So, the coach of the second place New York Knicks got to coach the All-Star game that year.

Who was the coach of the New York Knicks?

Pat Riley.

So, the very first time the “Anti-Riley Rule” was invoked, it benefited…Pat Riley!

The very definition of irony.

But that’s not the reason I love the story so much. The reason I love it is that the NBA tried to legislate against success. They tried to penalize success.

And it bit them in the butt.

It’s like a company who has a wildly successful sales person. Often they will start cutting his commissions in order to keep more of the money he’s bringing in. “Take more salary and lower commissions…the salary is guaranteed.”

Dumb move. The sales person gets offended and starts looking for a better job and, when he leaves, the company loses ALL of his sales. Not just some.

I don’t believe in penalizing success.

In fact, Mobe pays higher commissions than any online system I’ve ever seen. Up to 90% on some products.

In this system, the higher you advance the GREATER your commissions.
















Penalizing success is the dumbest thing a business can do. We promise NEVER to do that.


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Why is there a $49 charge for MTTB?

A few wannabe entrepreneurs have asked …

“If MTTB is so great and guaranteed to make me commissions in 30 days or less or ten times my money back, why charge anything at all for it?”

“Why isn’t it free? Surely you’ve got enough money that you don’t need that little $49 start up fee!”

Well, that’s half right.

There are some administrative expenses the company needs to cover, of course. There are employees that need to be paid. So the $49 does go to cover some of those expenses.

But, you’re right. Mobe does not need your $49.

But you need to spend it.















That might sound a bit odd, so let me explain.

People do not put a value on things they don’t pay for.

I was talking to an associate of mine the other day and he said “I thought this email guru was pretty lame, until I tried out his $99/month service. Now I think he’s a genius.”

I’m implementing his ideas and they’re working like gangbusters. I don’t know if the info changed all that much, but my approach to it certainly has.”

His approach to the info changed because he PAID for it.

Here’s a little marketing secret I’ll let you in on…until someone PAYS for something, they are not a prospect. They are tire kickers. Procrastinators. Potential free loaders. And maybe even worse.

I’ll take 50 prospects who have paid $49 over 5000 prospects who have opted in for a free report any day.

Because those 50 who paid will implement my advice and see results. The 5000 will probably do nothing at all and say, “This doesn’t work.”

Are you part of the 50? Or the 5000?

Get started here…

P.S. MOBE just passed the $50 Million Commissions Paid. Yes, that is right, the company paid out $50 Million in Commissions to its Affiliates already (in the last 3 years)! How much do you want?

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When the going gets tough, what will you do?

Will you just sit there, give up – feel sorry for yourself?
Or will you keep on going, it’s an important question.
Here’s what I think, and this core mindset is responsible for where I am right now in my current life circumstances.
Always focus on the “now:!
Accept the past. You can only change your potential future circumstances by focusing on the very now.
See, that is where the magic happens, since everything always flows from the now.
That is a universal truth, whether you believe it or not.
And here’s the thing…
By focusing only on the now, your life will become a whole lot more simple.
So my friends, when you feel like giving up – stay the course. Pick one model online, and keep at it. At least until you have achieved the level of income you want.
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