Remember These 10 Products? No? That’s Because They Were Massively Awful Flops.

There’s a popular thing in entrepreneurship these days called “validating your idea.” That is, doing a bit of market research ahead of time to see if anyone will actually want your product before you make it.

It’s a simple strategy that can potentially save millions of dollars worth of time and effort. Clearly though, this isn’t something that everyone does. Because if they did, this list of products that flopped spectacularly would be much much shorter.

Seriously. Just take a look, and get ready to cringe.

1.) The Apple Newton.

This handheld personal computing device debuted in 1993 with a price tag of $700. The Newton’s bulkiness, price, and software shortcomings made it an easy target in the media. By 1998 the Newton gracefully faded away.

2.) Sony Betamax.

Sony thought they would change the world with their Betamax video recorder. Instead its become a running joke that still hasn’t gotten old. Sony was first to market with their video recorder, but VHS was not far behind. The company refused to license their Betamax technology, and forced customers to choose between them or VHS.

3.) Cosmopolitan Magazine Yogurt.

It only took the media empire that is Cosmopolitan Magazine 18 months to realize that they should stick to magazines instead of yogurt. Good call.

4.) Microsoft Bob.

As personal computers were finding their way into Americans’ homes in the mid 1990’s, Microsoft decided to try something different. They wanted to create a totally new interactive experience for personal PC users. That project was Bob. Sadly it was killed in development after only a year. The average PC simply did not have enough power to handle the Bob program.

5.) Coors Spring Water.

Though Coors is arguably a good beer, the company’s customers were not interested in buying water from them. Coors’ Rocky Mountain Spring Water project fell flat on its face.

6.) The Zune.

Designed by Microsoft to be an iPod killer, hopes were high for the Zune. However it just wasn’t enough. At least now you can find them for crazy cheap on eBay.

7.) Maxwell House Ready To Drink Coffee.

Coffee that’s ready to go when I am? Yes please! Oh wait, I have to microwave it? I also can’t microwave it in its container? Then why would I ever buy this? Exactly.

8.) Colgate Foods.

This is probably the weirdest one of the list. Since when does a toothpaste company try to also sell you food. What made them think this would be a good idea?

9.) Life Savers Soda.

Despite the relative popularity of the Life Savers candy, their soda incarnation did not fare very well. Just stick to what you’re good at, ok Life Savers?

10.) Smith & Wessen Bicycles.

Smith & Wessen is best known for making firearms. A little known fact though, is that the company also produces bicycles for law enforcement. Back in the early 2000’s the company decided to try marketing their bikes to the public, but no one really seemed to care.

(Via: Daily Finance)

No wonder everyone always looks at me weird when I’m using my Apple Newton, while listening to music on my Zune and drinking Life Savers Soda. Share these amazing product flops with your friends on Facebook by clicking below.

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