When the going gets tough, what will you do?

Will you just sit there, give up – feel sorry for yourself?
Or will you keep on going, it’s an important question.
Here’s what I think, and this core mindset is responsible for where I am right now in my current life circumstances.
Always focus on the “now:!
Accept the past. You can only change your potential future circumstances by focusing on the very now.
See, that is where the magic happens, since everything always flows from the now.
That is a universal truth, whether you believe it or not.
And here’s the thing…
By focusing only on the now, your life will become a whole lot more simple.
So my friends, when you feel like giving up – stay the course. Pick one model online, and keep at it. At least until you have achieved the level of income you want.
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Want to achieve success in 2015? Do these 4 things.

There are many paths to success and characteristics of successful people. There are also many secrets to achieving success based on the industry or niche you are working in. However, I’m going to discuss what I consider four keys to success. These are four things that every entrepreneur will likely face at some point on their path to success. How you respond to these things will determine whether or not you will achieve and maintain success.

Learning to handle frustration. Frustrations are a part of life. While, hopefully, you don’t experience them all the time, you have to expect them from time to time. The key is learning how to handle frustrations without letting them derail your success. Your frustrations may come from clients, customers, employees, investors, business partners, etc. Frustrations can be personal or professional.

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