San Francisco Bakery Says They “Donut Care” After Recipes Are Stolen

Mr. Holmes Bakehouse is known for its croissant-muffin hybrid, the cruffin. The shop estimates between 200 and 300 recipes were stolen.

1. A popular bakery in San Francisco reported several hundreds of recipes stolen on Friday.

Employees on Friday morning arrived at Mr. Holmes Bakehouse in the Tenderloin to find the shop’s binders full of recipes missing, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The bakery’s owner estimated 200-300 recipes were taken sometime between Thursday evening and Friday morning. Nothing else was taken, and the bakery joked for its fans to be on the look out for any suspicious copycats.

2. The bakery is known for creating the cruffin, a muffin and croissant hybrid.

Pastry chef Ry Stephen told the Chronicle that he had back-ups of the recipes that were taken, so operations were not impacted beyond one batch of scones that did not get made.

3. On Facebook, the bakery assured fans it was alright after the “Cruffin Caper.”

“This is not a hoax,” the bakery added in another post.

Police told the Chronicle that there was no sign of forced entry, and authorities would be reviewing any surveillance footage in the area as well as talking with witnesses.

4. In the meantime, Mr. Holmes is back to selling out its pastries and getting customers baked.

5. “Recipes were stolen but we DONUT care.”

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