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vCard Global is a FREE fully interactive mobile-based Digital Business Card and Contact Manager Phone APP, with a full suite of amazing business tools for Connecting, Promoting and Sharing. vCard currently operates in 22 English
speaking countries.

vCard Global allows a person or business to share their information with their contacts on one digital vCard.

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In today’s world, people want to save time and money; this card allows you to do so. No more need for printed business cards. We live in a digital world.

By having a vCard, your information is one simple click away.

No need to open up other browsers for emails, websites, social media, or advertisements.

Changing your information requires only one click.

vCard , the World’s Smartest FREE Contact Manager Phone APP & Mobile Biz Card

* Link your contacts to your website
* All your Social Media accounts in one spot
* Show samples of your work | Portfolio
* Biography | tell your contacts about you
* Videos | Show your videos
* Automated updates


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