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July 8, 2019

Webtalk Review – What is it and how does it work?

Webtalk is a free to join innovative social and business network like Facebook or Linkedin as well as a business and shopping community like Amazon or Shopify that is all in one place.

The difference between Webtalk and the other networks is that is has a free rewards program that offers real cash rewards to every Webtalk members anywhere in the world. This is what makes it different to other networks. Webtalk wants to be the first relationship-based marketplace for services and products that becomes THE destination for all marketers to do business online.

Sites like Facebook generates billions of dollars in sales every year because of people like you and me who use social networks provided the content over time and they chose to never would offer any money to its users for that. Basically we all built their platforms and then they made the money with it. Brilliant, right?

That is where Webtalk comes in.

Webtalk was created to change all that. It earns money through advertising and shares a percentage of the amount to those people who have joined it’s network. This is very interesting because now people can earn while using the network.

Sites like Facebook and Linkedin started with no members at all but grew up to hundreds of millions of members because of people inviting their friends to these networks. However, people received nothing in return.

Webtalk decided to do it the other way round(disruptive technology).How?

By donating 10% of all profits to charity, Webtalk wants to inspire other companies to do the same to be open to non-profit businesses .

Webtalk delivers one of the greatest opportunities of our time for a chance to be among the first 1 million Webtalk members and qualify to be paid commissions as affiliates FIVE generations deep.

This is not a business-as-usual opportunity like most other affiliate programs out there because Webtalk has a unique business model. You will get paid commissions when:

  1. Your invitees just view ads placed on Webtalk
  2. When your invitees share contents in their news pages and earn ad-revenue share.
  3. …and of course when you refer people directly to Webtalk

The first two passive income sources alone which don’t require your invitees to purchase anything qualify you to get paid commissions that could earn you a very nice income. So if you are a person that is not very good at enrolling people, no need to worry, all you do it bring people to Webtalk and they can join free and enjoy the platform, sharing to their connections.

What do you need to do in order to qualify to be paid affiliate commissions FIVE generations deep?

Your direct invitees including yourself shall purchase PRO packages worth at least USD 200. So it could be yourself and 9 of your direct invitees purchasing a monthly PRO package of $20 each (total USD 200) or it could be yourself or any of your direct invitees purchasing a monthly PRO
package of USD 20 for 10 consecutive months (Total USD 200) or it could be just yourself or one of your direct invitees purchasing an annual PRO package worth USD 200.

What advantages will a buyer of the USD 400 annual PRO Platinum package get if he/she will buy it during this beta-phase period?

  1. He/she will get 50% discount forever hence will pay half the price of the package for life
  2. If he/she will be among the first 100,000 subscribers, he/she will get a reward worth USD 200 hence will effectively get the annual package for free.
  3. He/she will be able to participate in buying Webtalk shares (if he/she is interested and able) during mini-IPO which is expected to take off after selling 10,000 PRO packages.
  4. The package enables its users to add unlimited number of professional contacts for communication purpose using Webtalk patent-pending contacts management system and newsfeed that
    allows you to customize your newsfeed, contact up to 20 people per month who are not connected with you, sending up to 20 spotlight posts per month that send push and email notifications to your
    contacts, remove banner ads when you surf Webtalk, enables you to see all the people who viewed your profile without limits, enables you to view profiles of Webtalk members in stealth mode and enables you
    to do advanced search on Webtalk Search Engine that includes additional features.

If you plan to use Webtalk to earn affiliate commissions or promoting your businesses, you should consider upgrading to PRO Platinum package now so that you get all the benefits explained above.
You will be limited to adding up to 50 professional contacts only if you don’t upgrade to any PRO package. This will limit you to use Webtalk for relationship management purpose which is the main strength of using it. For example, I have created a group to add my direct invitees for communication purpose and called it Webtalk. Had I not been a PRO Platinum member, I would be limited on the number of people I could add to the group but my PRO Platinum membership empowers me to add an unlimited number of people in any group I created for communication purpose. I occasionally turn on my newsfeed to display contents from my direct invitees only (Webtalk Group) to see what my direct invitees are up to and support them by liking and sharing their content if I see valuable content.

Go PRO Platinum now and enjoy Webtalk unique relationship management services to grow your business.

You can join Webtalk for FREE and here is your INVITATION for it!

Get in contact if you want to hear more! Gisela Beckermann

Email: gisela@theartegroup.com

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