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January 11, 2016

Why is there a $49 charge for MTTB?

A few wannabe entrepreneurs have asked …

“If MTTB is so great and guaranteed to make me commissions in 30 days or less or ten times my money back, why charge anything at all for it?”

“Why isn’t it free? Surely you’ve got enough money that you don’t need that little $49 start up fee!”

Well, that’s half right.

There are some administrative expenses the company needs to cover, of course. There are employees that need to be paid. So the $49 does go to cover some of those expenses.

But, you’re right. Mobe does not need your $49.

But you need to spend it.















That might sound a bit odd, so let me explain.

People do not put a value on things they don’t pay for.

I was talking to an associate of mine the other day and he said “I thought this email guru was pretty lame, until I tried out his $99/month service. Now I think he’s a genius.”

I’m implementing his ideas and they’re working like gangbusters. I don’t know if the info changed all that much, but my approach to it certainly has.”

His approach to the info changed because he PAID for it.

Here’s a little marketing secret I’ll let you in on…until someone PAYS for something, they are not a prospect. They are tire kickers. Procrastinators. Potential free loaders. And maybe even worse.

I’ll take 50 prospects who have paid $49 over 5000 prospects who have opted in for a free report any day.

Because those 50 who paid will implement my advice and see results. The 5000 will probably do nothing at all and say, “This doesn’t work.”

Are you part of the 50? Or the 5000?

Get started here…

P.S. MOBE just passed the $50 Million Commissions Paid. Yes, that is right, the company paid out $50 Million in Commissions to its Affiliates already (in the last 3 years)! How much do you want?

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